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PET - Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs

PET - Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs

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Elevate your pet's health with our Australian made Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil for dogs and pets, grown in Byron Bay.

This natural oil provides relief for pain, anxiety, and skin issues, offering mind and body benefits with just three premium ingredients.

Safely and naturally promote your furry friends' well-being with our hemp products.

Dr.Chill Organic Hemp Oil

  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Made in Byron Bay
  • Vegan
  • Full-spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Flower only
  • Organic MCT coconut oil
  • Organic lecithin 

Grown, harvested and hand poured in the Byron Bay hinterland

Made in Australia

Elevate Your Pet's Well-Being with Dr. Chill's Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil: Tailored for Dogs and Pets, Crafted in Byron Bay, Australia

Indulge your furry friends with the finest in pet wellness – Dr. Chill's Australian-made Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil. Sourced from the lush hinterland of Byron Bay, this natural oil is meticulously designed to elevate your pet's health, providing relief for pain, anxiety, and skin issues.

Key Features of Dr. Chill Organic Hemp Oil for Pets:

  • Holistic Relief: Our Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil offers holistic relief for your pets, addressing pain, anxiety, and skin issues. Experience the synergy of just three premium ingredients delivering mind and body benefits.

  • Australian-Made: Dr. Chill takes pride in sourcing and crafting its products in the heart of Byron Bay, ensuring the highest quality. Elevate your pet's health with the purity of Australian-made excellence.

  • Vegan and Full-Spectrum: Prioritize your pet's health with a vegan-friendly formulation and the comprehensive benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil. Dr. Chill's Organic Hemp Oil caters to your pet's well-being naturally.

  • Flower-Only Extract: Immerse your pet in the essence of the flower-only extract, ensuring a premium and targeted formulation. Dr. Chill's commitment to quality shines through in every bottle.

  • Organic MCT Coconut Oil & Organic Lecithin: Enhance your pet's experience with the added benefits of organic MCT coconut oil and lecithin. These carefully selected ingredients contribute to a well-rounded and effective solution.

  • Grown, Harvested, and Hand-Poured in Byron Bay Hinterland: Dr. Chill's boutique process ensures a hands-on approach, from cultivation to pouring, capturing the essence of the Byron Bay hinterland in every drop.

Made in Australia - Nourish Your Pet Naturally:

Give your pet the gift of well-being with Dr. Chill's Organic Hemp Oil, proudly made in Australia. Elevate their health with the purity of nature, and witness the positive transformation in their vitality. Prioritize your pet's holistic wellness with the premium quality of Dr. Chill's Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hasn’t worked for our dog unfortunately

We have been giving our dog the drops as directed but have had no results. Unfortunately has not worked for our dog. He is still very hyper active and anxious, doesn’t calm him at all.

This works!

I have tried other brands to relax my super anxious dog and nothing worked until I tried Dr Chill. This is the only pet oil that I have found that actually does what it is supposed to. No trouble with the dog eating it in his food and no unwanted side effects. This has improved the quality of my dogs life as he can actually relax now. Thank you!

Chris Frederiks

Trialing this on 2 dogs for seasickness. 1 Maltese shitzu - the product works extremely well and the other shitzu cross is a heavier dog - I'm still working out his dosage for the passage. He's good (calm) for a short time but not the whole voyage - very happy with the product and would strongly recommend


My dog suffers anxiety in storms and wind. I was giving her another brand of oil, but it didn’t do anything. First time on Dr.Chill she was so calm!!!! Will defo be continuing with this hemp oil. Totally recomend!